Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Cookies

Amy came over for our 2nd Annual Sugar Cookie Making Day.  And since Grandma is now retired (and is Amy's ride), she got to come, too!

This year Amy brought a set of Nativity cookie cutters.  They were fun to work with, but after they baked we had a hard time differentiating between Mary, Joseph, the Shepherd, and the Wise Men.  They kind of all looked the same.  And baby Jesus was so small he was a little overdone.

Amy is patient and really encourages the girls to do as much as they want to.  For Ellie, that means she was involved in every single step.

Rolling the dough

Cutting out the cookies

Encouraging Sister

Making funny faces at Aunt Amy

and even more rolling.

Grandma got to preview the calendar.  Every year, I make a calendar with family pictures and give it to everyone as my present.  It is a fun project, and it always takes longer than I think it should.  Mostly because I have to track down pictures so that everyone is represented, and some members of the family (like Amy and Teri that shall remain nameless) do not have a very large online presence.

At one point, Amy thought she was pretty a-lar-ious [hilarious] and put flour on her face.

Ellie very kindly helped her wipe it all off.

Speaking of flour, Lynnie was in heaven that her favorite food was everywhere.  While Amy and Ellie were making cookies, Lynnie stealthily made flour prints on Ellie's leotard.

Best. Part. Of. The. Day!

Lynnie also managed to surreptitiously get a few licks in of the flour on the counter.  That girl...

The best part of making cookies is--definitely--decorating them.

After sampling our wares, there was enough time for a few stories before Amy and Grandma left for the day.

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