Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Day

We are in a beautiful place, where the girls are really excited for Christmas, but have not figured out yet that you can wake up early.  They woke up at their normal time, around 8:15, and by the time Lynnie drank some milk, and we all brushed our teeth, it was 9:00.  Daddy took the longest time to get ready, and we patiently waited on the stairs for him.

It's amazing to me how quickly it can go from this... this!

While we were waiting for Daddy to finish brushing his teeth, I slipped downstairs to turn on the lights and see if Santa Claus came to our house.  Of course he did, because Ellie and Lynnie are really good girls!

Santa and Mrs. Claus spent a little less than 3 hours assembling the doll house.  Not too bad, really.  And the directions were really clear.

Ellie was excited that Santa remembered to bring her a magic microphone.

After playing with the Santa presents, it was time to open the wrapped gifts.  And open.  And open.  And open!  We had way too many gifts from kind friends and relatives.



After we finished opening presents, we had a relaxing day, playing with our new toys and watching some of our new movies.

After lunch, we were still in our pajamas, and the girls wanted to watch another movie.  Ellie wanted to watch The Princess and the Pauper, her new Barbie movie.  Daddy was kind and said yes, even though he wanted to watch Monsters, Inc.  After about 45 minutes, they were all dozing, so I came upstairs to clean up the kitchen and start to put gifts away.  Ellie and Lynnie wandered up about half an hour later.  When Greg woke up after an hour, he was all alone in the basement, watching Barbie.

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