Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Dresses

A few months ago, I went to a garage sale with Julie (one of her friends from work was moving).  The family has one daughter a couple of years older than Ellie, and I cleaned out the size 5 and size 6 clothes.  My favorite items bought that day were these Christmas dresses.  The girls have been anxiously awaiting winter and December so they could wear them!

 Ellie was not so anxious to have her picture taken.

Nice sister gives good kisses to make it all better!

Mom, Lynlee is not standing where I told her to stand!  She is NOT LISTENING!!!

Mom, I fell down!  Whoa-oh!!!

I have a good idea!  Lynlee, how about you stand right here?

I falling!  Whoa-oh-oh!!!

Lynlee, come here!


That's it.  We are ALL DONE!

1 comment:

Julie M said...

I love your commentary throughout this post...hilarious! And the girls look SO CUTE in those dresses!


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