Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

It has become a tradition to gather in the afternoon of Christmas Eve at my mom's house for my side of the family.  This is an awesome tradition for many reasons, but the main one is definitely that we get to open presents a day early!

Ellie loved that Aunt Bobi brought her play kitchen to Grandma's house on a permanent loan.  The best thing about this kitchen is the built-in high chair for a baby.  Or a puppy.

I had to include this picture because it is just so classic of Jon.

Ellie took this picture of me, Greg, and Teri.

Amy really spoiled all of the little girls, getting them games, books, and toys.  It is too much!  Too much, I say!

Lynnie's favorite gift was from Grandma--a set of magic clip princess dolls.  4 princesses and 12 interchangeable dresses.

Ellie's favorite gift was also from Grandma--a Barbie.  She is really starting to become obsessed with all things Barbie.

My favorite gift was from Mom to all of the big girls.  It was funny as we were opening it, because Bobi ripped a little of the paper and handed the box to Teri.  Who ripped a little of the paper and handed the box to me.  I just finished opening the box!  Inside were beautiful, hand-crocheted scarves for Lyssa, Bobi, and Teri.

And another, beautifully hand-crocheted, and mostly completed scarf for me.  For a minute there, I thought I was getting the crochet hook thrown in as a bonus!

Amy's gift was a skein of yarn....  Poor Mom ran out of time, but did get ours done in the next couple of days :)

 I had made a memory book for Grandma Great with pictures from her 98th birthday party, and of course had to give Mom a copy for herself.  Amy snagged it and had fun looking it over. 

 Puppy is getting you!

Another highlight was a barrel of monkeys from Amy to the girls.  Greg always teases them when they are pouting, saying that he could hang a monkey on their lips.  Now they understand what he means!

I'm sitting on Daddy's head!

As it got dark, we got all packed up and headed home for our special Christmas Eve celebration at home.  We started the Christmas Pajama tradition, and it was a hit!  Especially since I found nightgown sets that had matching nightgowns for their dolls.

After reading the Christmas story, it was time for the children to be snug in their bed and for Santa's helpers to get to work.  We made it to bed by midnight, so it wasn't too bad!

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Bobi said...

I love that you got a picture of Ellie in mid-jump from her excitement for the Barbie from Grandma! A great memory - that of her spontaneously jumping up and down for joy at the gift. For the looooooongest time! Loved it!


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