Thursday, December 5, 2013

Dance Recital Week

We have had a dance-filled week!  Three nights in a row of rehearsals and a performance.  It was a big deal for Ellie, Lynnie, and I!

Tuesday started off our week-long extravaganza with Ellie's regular dance class, but practicing in the gym where the recital was held.  Lynnie loved watching from the sidelines and dancing along.

 We picked up Ellie's costume and headed straight home to try it on.  Miss Kristin made the headbands and red anklet-thingies and sewed sleeves out of tulle.  Pretty impressive additions!

Wednesday was the dress rehearsal.  We were out past the girls bedtime, which made it an extra-special adventure!  The stage was huge and it was fun for Ellie to figure out exactly what she needed to do for her performance.

Just hanging out with Eden, our dance class BFF.

Thursday seemed like a long day to Ellie, even with many distractions.  We played with the BCLs for lunch and then Ellie played with Hope & Alanna.  Before she knew it, it was time to head to the Legacy Center to save seats.  We wanted to get there right when the doors opened to get extra-good seats because....

Tayler and Piper were coming to watch!

Best part of the night, hands down.

I packed in my big camera bag with my telephoto lens (in addition to the diaper bag my purse and coats/extra shoes/etc), and then wished I hadn't.  Our seats were too good and I didn't need all of that extra zoom.  For these pictures, I had Ellie stand halfway across the gym from me.

Ellie's class was up first.  She was so cute lining up with her class, getting ready to get on the stage.

Very carefully finding the piece of tape to stand on.

I see you behind that camera, Mom!

What time is it?  It's Christmas time!

At the end of the dance, Ellie just stood there looking at us, so proud of the job she had done.  It took me pointing to the side for her to remember that she was supposed to be walking off the stage.

Great job, baby girl!
I liked the format of the recital, because after dancing, you were able to go pick up your dancer or have them stay in the multi-purpose room until the finale.  Tayler & Piper went with Ellie and spent the hour with her in the room.  Tayler said that Ellie excitedly introduced her to everyone, "This is Tayler, she's my birthmom!"

Greg, Lynnie, and I stayed to watch the rest of the performances.  Lynnie ate it up.  She watched pretty intently for most of it, and enthusiastically clapped for every number.

 After all of the classes performed, it was time for a curtain call.  Can you spot that ball of excitement?

We had to get a picture with Eden.

 And a picture with Daddy before he left to go to some appointments.

And, of course, some pictures with Tayler & Piper!

Video of Lynnie dancing along during Tuesday's class. Make sure you check out Lynnie's awesome "dance outfit!"

Ellie's performance. The girl has got good rhythm!

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Julie M said...

If Brian and I wouldn't have had my company Christmas Party that night we would've been there...I'm so sad to have missed it. I LOVED the video!!!! :)


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