Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Darling Girls

Lynnie (while eating celery, of course) hung out with Daddy in his office while he answered some emails.

"Mom, will you take my picture?"

Lynnie fell asleep while eating her bedtime snack of--you guessed it--celery.

"Grandma, will you hold my hand and I will stand by you?  Is that a good idea?"

Rachel watched the girls so that Greg and I could go to The Forgotten Carols.  We have talked about going in the past, but have always chosen the Jon Schmidt Christmas concert instead.  Now that Jon Schmidt is uber-famous and part of The Piano Guys, I felt priced out of his Christmas show, so the time was right to go to The Forgotten Carols.

It was amazing!  I watch the DVD every year, but it is much better live.  We even saw Hailey there with Courtney.

Ellie totally milked the experience, and was awake (albeit in her bed) when we got home at 11 p.m.  Poor Rachel didn't have the quiet evening she should have had!

After getting Ellie asleep after midnight, Greg quickly packed and got a couple of hours of sleep before heading to California for the day.  He is always patient and FaceTimes with us, even though half the time he can't understand what the girls are saying.  Or, as this picture shows, what Puppy is saying!

We wrapped a lot of presents while he was gone, and played in the basement for hours.  The girls put on their Santa dresses and put on quite a show for me by the tree.  Jingle Bells is Lynnie's favorite Christmas song to sing, but I didn't know she knew the verse as well as the chorus.  She had some pretty impressive singing!

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