Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year's Eve

We threw an impromptu party for New Year's Eve, and were glad that my mom and Amy, Tammy, and Tanya, David, Andrew & Emily came over.  We ate food, and watched football, and played Hand & Foot. 

These 3 are hilarious together!

When the night was getting late and I realized I hadn't really taken any pictures, I turned my phone over to Andrew.  Here is what he got:

It's nice to have a relaxing evening at home, surrounded by family.

Especially when you can capture classic expressions like these ones -- totally representative of Tanya & Tammy!

Poor Tammy had kind of a rough night.  First, she got semi-tricked into giving baths to all the kids.  She offered to give Lynnie a bath, and then Emily wanted a bath, and then Ellie wanted a bath.  It was funny.  Then she could not catch a break at Hand & Foot, and kept on getting stuck with red 3's.  4 of them one time.  (That's negative 2000 points!).

The teams are Amy & Tammy, David & Arlena, and Tanya with Greg and I (we rotated in and out).  Even though I only played one round, it was awesome to smoke everyone!

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