Tuesday, December 10, 2013


For the first time, Lynnie was excited to go to the ophthalmologist. It was awesome.  In the car, she kept on asking when we were going to get there, and talking about how nice Dr Young is.

Puppy says HELLO.

Lynnie loves to play the game of match-the-picture-on-the-screen-with-the-picture-on-the-paper.

It's always fun to play in the exam room while we wait for Dr Young.

After checking out Lynnie's eyes, Dr Young says she is still looking great and we do not need to patch again.  Ever.  (Probably.)  That's great news!  Then Lynnie got her eyes dilated, and we headed out to have some tweaks made to her glasses (new nose pads and straightening out the frames) while we waited for the drops to work.

Greg and Lynnie stayed with the optometrist, and Ellie and I went to the waiting room to play with the toys.  Ellie loved arranging these farm animals just so in their stalls.

After 20 minutes, it was time to go back and get Lynnie's prescription checked.  She sat in the chair all by herself (first time!) and held still (first time!). 

Ellie liked to pretend to be the eye doctor as well.

Lynnie's prescription changed slightly, so it was back out to the optometrist to order new lenses for her glasses.  Lynnie Lu totally rocked the sunglass inserts.

The timing was perfect to head from this appointment to violin lessons.  Ellie was so excited that Daddy got to see her in action.  After the lesson, we finally remembered to have Lynlee open her birthday present from Grandma.  Grandma has had it ready but we kept on forgetting to take the time to open it.  Lynnie was very excited to open a Cinderella doll.  But maybe not as excited as Ellie.

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