Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Short Shorts

It is crazy when people I know become famous.  We used to be in the same ward as the Mackintoshes, I taught piano to six of their children, and Scott poured the concrete at both of our houses.  

Their family was pitched into the limelight when Scott wore short shorts out to a restaurant for Family Home Evening, and Myley posted the picture online.

Becky put on her blog that she wrote a book, so of course I had to get it.  It was interesting, full of warmth and humor and good lessons.

My favorite part was when she talked about how all of her children took piano lessons for 8-9 years.  I thought, "I was a big part of that!"  

How's that for patting myself on my own back?

I taught 6 of the 7 Mackintosh children between 2000-2008.  They were all respectful, hard workers, and they practiced well.  Good training in that family!

I haven't had much contact with the family after they all graduated from my piano studio, but I will always love them.  And Myley will always be about 9 in my eyes!  She was the Mackintosh I taught the longest.  Her mom even drove her across town when we moved to our current house.

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