Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Shoveling Snow

We got all bundled up and headed out to shovel the snow.  The wind always drifts the snow pretty deep on our driveway.  Greg and I both powered through it earlier in the day (no problem for the truck--a little scarier more fun for me).  We lasted about an hour and I only got slightly more than half of the driveway done.  Grandpa brought over my camera (that I had left at his house on Sunday) and took pity on me and finished the driveway for me.  Super nice!

Lynlee loves eating the snow.  I figure it's better than eating dirt!

And on that note, ever since her birthday, Lynlee has not eaten any dirt, rocks, or crayons.  It is breakthrough!  She likes to tell me, "now that I'm a big girl, I don't eat dirt or crayons."

Lynnie even braved walking on the drift.  She was not as confident as Ellie, but I was glad she tried it!

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