Monday, December 30, 2013

Virgil's Baby Blessing

Rod and Jayme invited the family to our house to meet Baby V, and for Rod to give him a name & a blessing.

Ellie was ecstatic to meet her new cousin and to get to hold him.

After the blessing, we ate a lot of food and got in a lot of conversation.  Ellie and Jasmine changed outfits at least four times each.

Tammy got in a lot of Lynnie-loves.

Everyone wanted to hold Virgil.  He is a really good baby.

Uncle David played with Lynnie and Puppy for a long time.  Puppy kept on sniffing Uncle David and then laughing.

Kyralyn is nice and plays really well with Jazzy and Ellie.  The little girls adore her!

After everyone left, we read the Elephant & Piggie books that Aunt Jonette has given us.  We love these books!  They are really clever and cute.

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