Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hoping to Adopt Again

Wow.  I just got the results from our photo and video shoot with Kristen Pack of Shadetree Photography.

I am in love with the work that she did, and the quality of the video she created for us.

Please check it out--and share it with your friends!

We loved working with Kristen!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Tale Of a Pout. Or Two.

One beautiful summer day, the Spencer girls decided to go to the park.  We talked about all of the fun things we were going to do when we got there, and first on the list was to swing.

When we arrived at the park, the swings were all full.  With a small hiccup and an adjustment, we quickly played pirates on the slide instead.

Until Lynnie had to go potty.  And Ellie had to come too, so we could all stick together.

There was the start of a pout, but it was a little pout, and Ellie got distracted by the pirate game again.

When two spots opened up on the swings, we were quick to run over and hop in.  

Another little pout started when Lynnie declared, "I don't WANT ELLIE TO PUSH ME!"

 Ellie kindly shrugged her shoulders and got on her own swing.

All was well again.

After swinging for a while, we headed to the monkey bars.  Ellie noticed a big boy (e.g., 9ish) had climbed a tree.  She wanted to climb it also.

Mom helped her up and she had a lot of fun sitting there and feeling so tall.

Then it was Lynlee's turn, and Mom realized she should take a picture or two.

 It was time to go, but Mom wanted to put Ellie in the tree for her turn at a picture.

But Mom messed up.

She put Ellie in the tree facing the opposite direction from before.

And Ellie emphatically told her, "you put me in the tree THE WRONG WAY!"

No More Pirate Patch

We go to the ophthalmologist about four times a year to track Lynlee's progress and see how her eyes are doing.  She has been wearing an eye patch for an hour a day for the last few months, and has gotten really good at wearing it without complaining.

And she had the best appointment yet.  She answered questions clearly, she did not cry, and she did not arch her back and try to get away from the doctor during the exam.

Greg and I were super proud of her.

She's big enough now that the tech was able to show her differently sized pictures on the screen and Lynlee was able to tell her what they were.  She called the airplane a fishie, and named everything else correctly.  That was a fun game!

 After her exam, Dr Young very excitedly informed us that Lynlee's right eye has improved and she does not need to wear her patch anymore.

At least until we go back in December and Lu gets reevaluated...

Great job, baby girl!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Ellie loves to help me put on make-up (on the rare occasions that I do so).  Today she wanted to put make-up on herself.  And she did it.  All. By. Herself!

I texted Greg and he didn't think it was as cute as I did...

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Welcome home, Elder Spencer!  Greg's parents hosted a bbq to welcome home Brayden from his mission to South Dakota Rapid City.

And I didn't even take a picture of him.

I did take 30 pictures on the trampoline.

I need to examine my priorities!

It was great to see Brayden and get caught up with the family.

And great to play on the trampoline.
The girls love sitting here to eat.

The most interesting thing happened when we were all getting our plates filled.  I am used to Greg and his brothers all towering over me, but all of a sudden, the next generation is all taller than me.  I felt like a shrimp next to Brayden, Clayton, Jace, Dallin, and Cassie.

First Primary Party

This morning was Ellie's first Primary Party, and we had a great time!  We don't have a park in our neighborhood, but we have a couple of "dips" (a.k.a. retention ponds/water overflow pits).  The girls hopped in the stroller and we walked down.

Ellie is getting so grown up!  She looked around and didn't see any of her special friends, but she ran right down to the group anyway.
 After the opening prayer and some instructions from Sister Boucha, they split into groups.  I loved that they put the 3-4 year olds together, and they went to the first station--decorating cookies.  Lynnie followed me around as I jumped in to help, and Ellie loved putting sprinkles on.

After she told Sister Perkins that she was 4 because she just had her birthday.
 Nice sister shared her cookie with Lynnie.
 The next station was fishing sponges out of water buckets and throwing them at the Bishopric.  This was a very exciting and fun activity, until Ellie got in front of a sponge and got splattered.

She didn't like that very much.
 The next station was a relay to pass a wet sponge over your head and then the next person put it between their legs.  The leader asked the kids to hold hands and make a circle to get the spacing, and the obedient kids just kept holding hands.  It was cute that they didn't let go.
 Last up for our group was face painting.  I know you are shocked, but Ellie wanted a turtle.  And a rainbow.  And Lynnie wanted a rainbow.  The 11 year old girls did a great job painting all of the faces.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Beach Day

It was time for another beach day!  It was really mellow as there were not that many people there and all of the children looked 5 and younger.

We spent a few hours just doing whatever we wanted--digging in the sand, wading, and even swimming.

 It's been a while since we came, and the pond is fuller now.  There was less than half the beach as before.  It made it easy to get in the water!
 Lynnie really surprised me, and showed me how much she pays attention to what is going on.  The first time (and every time, now that I think about it) we went down to the water, she asked, "teacher, is it ok I can get in the water?"

When Ellie took swimming lessons, every class she would ask me, and then have to ask her teacher before getting in the water.  A great safety tool!  I was so happy Lynnie remembered and asked me today.
 do you see the death grip Lynnie has on my hand?
 Ellie wanted to bring her turtle, and it turned out really fun.

And nervewracking.

We quickly established ground rules.  She had to be able to put her feet down and stand up at all times, and she had to be within two steps of me.

But she had increasing confidence in her kicking and kept on trying to get farther away.  At one point, we had a conversation like this:

Heather:  Ellie, I need to you turn around and come closer!

Ellie:  Why, Mom?

H:  I have to be able to reach you.

E:  Why, Mom?

H:  So you are safe.

E:  But my turtle keeps me safe.

H:  But I have to be able to get to you super fast if you fall off of your turtle.

E:  I won't do thaaaat.

H:  Just in case.

E:  So you want me to be safe?  Because you're my mom?

H:  That's exactly right, baby girl.

and she stayed within reach the rest of the time.

And even though I was right next to her and had eyes on her, it made me nervous.  She was just confident enough, but still doesn't have enough skills to be safe.

 Lynnie eventually waded in up to her waist, and we spent a lot of time walking around.  She probably would have gone deeper if I had been willing to get my shorts wet!
 We had fun building a pond.  Lynnie thought it was pretty fun to put on the turtle and go swimming in the pond.

We spent almost three hours at the pond, but with good sunblock and the shade umbrella, we had no sunburns.  Yeah!  

And I hope Elizabeth is proud of me.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dirt. And More Dirt.

I've stopped trying to get Lynnie to stop eating dirt.  It really has been a losing battle.  We played outside twice, and both times she had a faceful of evidence.

We loved having Hope play with us all day as her dad was in surgery.  Not fun for them, but sure fun for us!

And I've clearly stopped trying to get Ellie to wear clothes when we are in the house.  She always tells me she's just so hot!
 Hope fell asleep literally moments after that picture was taken, and so we tried to play quietly while she was napping.  Putting coins in the piggy bank kept us busy for about an hour.
 After Hope woke up, we went back outside and played some more.

 The girls made a campfire and had fun creating puddles with their spray bottles.
It was a gorgeous day--not too hot--and Ellie had the brilliant idea to have a picnic for dinner.  We love to eat outside.  And we were just finishing up when the rain started.  It was perfect timing.

Monday, August 19, 2013


After Miss Traci rescued our pool from her backyard (lovely wind we have in Lehi), we were excited to have a Swimming Day.

Ellie was all about filling up the pool, and scooping water in the bucket.  She never actually got in the pool.

 Lynlee loved sitting in the pool and playing with her toys.


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