Thursday, January 16, 2014

I Have the Best Friends!

This morning, Greg told me that he had an appointment coming to the house at 6:30, so to make sure everything was cleaned up because people would be in the family room (and trading off in his office).  This has happened before, no big deal.  I don't usually talk to the people hanging out though, I usually just keep the girls in the bedroom or whatever.  In my head, I had the house ready, and it was bathtime and bedtime.  I was just going to be back doing our normal nightly things.

Greg eventually convinced me I needed to be dressed in regular clothes and presentable, because he needed my help entertaining the people in the family room.


We did get the girls bathed and in their pajamas by 6:28.

There was a knock at 6:29, and I was closer, so I opened the door.

To a surprise baby shower!

Greg was able to snap a few pictures before he had to leave for his real appointments at the church.
Catherine, Mary, Nina, Julie, and Hailey were in the front row

You totally got me, Julie and Catherine!

Ellie was instantly in the arms of her "big sister" Hailey.

I am so grateful for those who came, the darling presents for Baby Girl, and the sweet treats.  What a wonderful surprise, and a wonderful celebration with my dear friends!

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