Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Meeting Cecilia Renae

{R} had good family support at the delivery of Cece, with her mom and sister at the hospital with her.  She jokingly called her sister her secretary, and her sister did a great job keeping us updated as {R}s labor progressed.

Cecilia Renae was born at 2:43, weighing 6 pounds 4 ounces.  Secretary {B} sent us the first picture immediately, and we were instantly in love with Cece's  beautiful face.

We were so glad to hear that {R} did very well at the birth, with no complications.  And a good epidural.

After a couple of hours, {B} sent us a picture of Cece in her hat.  Super cute!

We were so honored that to be invited to spend a few precious minutes with {R} and her family in the hospital that night.  As we were packing up to go, {B} sent me a text saying that Cece's blood glucose levels had dropped to 36 (and it's supposed to be above 45), so the nurses took her to the Special Care Nursery and she was put on an IV of sugar water.

Ellie talked all day about how much she loves {R}  and how excited she is to meet Cece and be a big sister again.  She picked out her red sparkly shoes to wear, "because {R} loves sparkly things!"  When we got to the hospital, Ellie could not stop touching {R} and talking to her.  I gave her the job to take some pictures, and she got a few good shots!

Lynnie fell asleep on the way to the hospital (we went at 6:45 p.m., so I was expecting this) and she did not want to wake up.  And then she did not want to talk to {R}.  Or anyone.  She just wanted Daddy to hold her.

After visiting for a few minutes and hearing how the day had gone, we stepped out so that {R} could get into a wheelchair to go and visit Cece in the nursery.  The girls were cute and tiptoed down the hallway to look out the window.

When {R} was ready, we walked over to the nursery.  The policy is that only 2 people can go in at a time, and {R} had me go with her first.  Walking into the nursery with her was surreal.  I will treasure those moments with {R} forever--seeing Cece together, fanning back the tears, feeling the love that she has for her sweet baby.  

Ellie was SO MAD that she couldn't come in and meet Cece.  Greg says that while he was waiting in the hall with the girls, Ellie stomped her foot and said, "I wanna be a grown-up!  It's not fair!"

After talking with the nurse in charge of Cece for a few minutes and getting my own wristband, I went back out.  Greg and I took the girls back to {R}s room, where her mom and sister played with them.  Then Greg and I went back to the nursery and switched off with {R} to visit Cecilia.

Instant love for this gorgeous girl!  It was amazing to hold her, so new, so fresh.  Less than six hours old.  Her features are so perfect, and her head is so little!  (Ellie and Lynnie both have 90th+ percentile heads.)

What an experience!

Luckily, Cece responded well and was off the IV by the next afternoon.  I am glad she was fine, and sad that she had to stay in the nursery and that {R} had less time with her.

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k said...

I will just continue to comment on all of your posts :) What a beautiful girl you are the parents of! I may or may not have cried reading about placement.... I'm so glad Greg got to give Cecilia a father's blessing--and that your birthmomma was able to be there! Easily my favorite memory of Owens placement was hearing his dad give his first father's blessing. Nothing can solidify that you and Greg are meant to be Cecilia's parents more than having the Spirit testify of it. Love and prayers heading your way <3


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