Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Organizing & Snow Angels

Greg, Lynlee, and I had a quick meeting with our fabulous case worker Adrienne while Ellie was at preschool.  With a baby coming in a couple of weeks, there a lot of final details to discuss!  The best apart about the meeting?  Learning that Adrienne was going on the same cruise next week that Tammy will be on.  I had to take a picture of Adrienne and text it to Tammy.  Who knows, maybe they will spot each other!

When we got home, we worked some more on getting the baby's room cleaned up, cleaned out, and organized.  At one point a few months ago, Ellie was really into taping pictures up to the walls.  As we went to pull down the pictures in the baby's room, I discovered that a bunch of them had been glued on the walls.


Good thing it was all washable glue!  It came right off.

After working for a while, we went out to shovel again (big snowstorm that morning) and play in the snow.  The girls were very excited to make snow angels!

Lynnie was so excited that she even made snow angels on the driveway while I was shoveling.

The snow was perfect to build a snowman.  I got the first ball started and Ellie took over.

Ellie remembered our snowman kit that Mom-Julie had handed down to us, so we had to use that.  It was more tricky than I expected to push in all of the pieces and get them to stay.  I even knocked off the snowman's head at one point.  Pretty funny stuff!

The girls were convinced it was Olaf :)

After a few pictures, Lynnie thought it was hilarious to take all of the pieces off of Olaf and throw them in the snow.  Ellie and I quickly picked them up, and we were all giggling.  Then Lynnie thought it was extra hilarious to knock Olaf over.  Ellie just kindly put him back together again.

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