Friday, January 31, 2014

Our Week

Ellie climbed in the bassinet and convinced me to let her hold Cece for a minute.  Cece was not excited about that idea.

Ellie conked out while Greg was checking his email.

"Mom, are you done feeding Cece this morning?  Can I hold her?"

I love how Cece furrows her brow!

Wednesday was Cecilia's first Kindermusik class.  She did great in the car seat until she got the hiccups...

 Piper was fascinated with Cece and wanted to peek in the cover every minute (we are taking the class with Tayler and Piper).  Lynnie was sitting on the floor by Cece, "to protect the baby."  Piper just plopped right on Lynnie's lap.  That worked well for a couple of minutes, and then Lynnie said, "Mom, can she sit on your lap now?  She's heavy!"

Tayler took this picture while I was smiling at Piper.

After class, we came home, picked up Ellie from preschool, and had a fun lunch with Tayler and Piper.

Tayler was so kind and dropped Ellie off at her Kindermusik class.  It was nice to not have to pack up all three girls twice in the space of 45 minutes!  Ellie was so excited to ride in Tayler's car and spend some alone time with her and Piper.

 Lynnie has really warmed up now.  She held Cece about five times in one day, and kept on talking to her and trying to wake her up.  Once when she was napping, Lynnie said, "I want to say a prayer to Heavenly Father to bless the baby."  I said, "go ahead!" and she said, "Dear Heavenly Father, please bless the baby.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."

It was really sweet.

We have barely left the house in a week and Ellie is starting to go a little stir crazy.  Her big idea today was to put on her "exercise clothes" and play Wii Sports.

Cecilia has had some fussy times this week.  The swing seems to help, as well as the wrap.  She is sure sweet to snuggle.

Look at those sweet eyelashes!

Later that day, after Cece was a little fussy again, I tried the wrap.  She instantly settled down and fell asleep.  I carried her for over an hour, and then took her out and put her in the bassinet where she finished her nap.

Ellie cried herself for over an hour.  She wanted me to tie a wrap on her and let her carry Cece.  I explained that only grown-ups can carry babies, even in wraps, and she melted down.  She was saying things like, "Cece doesn't love me anymore!  No one loves me.  Cece is always cranky when I try to hold her."

It was comical.  And a little pathetic.  Poor girl is trying so hard to be a good big sister

After Ellie calmed down enough that we could talk, we spent a happy few hours making bead necklaces.  Thanks to Elizabeth for bringing us this great gift!

Lynnie was giving Cece lots of kisses before we went to a follow-up audiologist appointment this morning.  Cece failed her newborn hearing screen, and she failed it again today.  The audiologist said it could be a number of things:  fluid in her middle ear, an infection, temporary hearing loss, or permanent hearing loss.  We already have her 2 week appointment set up for next week, so the pediatrician will be able to diagnose or rule out middle ear fluid or infection.  If neither of those are the cause, then I will take Cece to a 3 hour diagnostic audiology test next Friday.

No matter what happens, Cecilia is perfect the way she is!

But maybe say a few prayers for this angel baby that everything will work out the way it is supposed to.


Elizabeth said...

We will definitely keep beautiful little Cece (and you too) in our prayers!!! You are such an awesome mom!!
Glad the necklaces bought you some time ;)

Kristin J said...

She is beautiful! We will definitely keep you guys in our prayers.

Beth said...

Prayers for your family!

I love seeing all of the wonderful girls and women in your life, including Piper and Tayler. You are all so blessed to have each other.


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