Wednesday, January 15, 2014


We first met with {R} on November 16, and it has been a joy getting to know her!  She loves pink and sparkly things, and all things bling.  Her phone case and iPad case are bejeweled and bedazzled and Ellie cannot get enough of them.  {R} also loves animal prints, especially zebra and cheetahs.  

We had dinner last Sunday, and it was the first time seeing each other in person since {R}s announcement.  She picked pink as the baby's color and the zebra as the baby's animal.  

It has been fun finding animal print things for the baby, and especially fun finding things in our storage.  I found these cups when I was looking for the bottles.  Perfect for all 3 girls!  Turtles for Ellie (which is why I picked them up in the first place a couple of years ago), Fish for Lynnie, and Cheetahs for Baby.

My sister Amy gave Lynnie these shoes, with matching leg warmers, when she was a baby.  Can't wait for new baby to wear them!

Lynlee 1/11

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