Tuesday, January 7, 2014

{R}'s Announcement

Sunday night, we had just gotten the girls in their pajamas and were heading out to the family room to read stories and scriptures, when a knock came at the door.  Ellie very speedily opened the door, but no one was there.  That was some speedy ding dong ditching!  She was quick to notice that someone had left a present.

I saw a paper and pulled that out while Ellie and Lynnie started opening the present.  I was instantly in tears as I realized what it was, and told Greg he needed to come and read it with me.

We quickly read, and then more slowly reread (and reread!) an amazing note from {R}.  {R} crafted a team analogy that was absolutely perfect, from the first line of:  Congrats on your new "player" coming soon!  She made Dad the Referee, Mom the Personal Trainer, the big sisters the Teammates, Heavenly Father the Coach, and herself the Biggest Cheerleader.

We immediately told the girls that {R} had picked us as the family for her baby, and they started jumping up and down in excitement.  Ellie was squealing, and Lynnie said, "now I'm going to be a big sister!"

It was an amazing, surreal moment.

I immediately texted {R} and was overwhelmed with feelings of love for her, for this baby girl, for our family.  It was a tender mercy from the Lord, truly an amazing moment.  I very rarely experience moments of a pure outpouring of the Spirit like that, and this moment is written on my heart.

We took a picture of our happy faces, in our pajamas, and started working the phone and social media (with {R}'s permission to spread the word).

{R} is due in less than three weeks.  We are so excited to expand our family by another daughter and another birth mom.  

I have been sitting still for about 7 minutes just trying to think of the perfect words to write -- how this is a bittersweet time, full of joy and excitement and peace, yet knowing that pain and grief and loss are coming.  I don't understand the love, pain, trust, and hurt that birth mom heroes experience. 

So.....I don't have the perfect words.  All I've got is a WAHOO! and a plea for continued prayers and support for our family and for {R}.


k said...

Oh this makes my heart so happy. Happy enough I'm actually crying a little. What a time of love and excitement and heartbreak and healing you're embarking on again. Congrats!!

Kristin and Dan said...

This brought tears to my eyes. I am so truly happy for you and your family. That baby and birth mom are so lucky to have you. Can't wait to see pictures of this sweet little girl!

Kristin and Dan said...

This brought tears to my eyes. I am so truly happy for you and your family. She couldn't be coming to a better family. Can't wait to see pictures!

Carrie said...

I'm SO SO SO SO Happy for you, Heather!!!!!!! Congratulations again to your beautiful family! {R} could not have picked a better family! Prayers coming her way (and yours!!) through the rest of the pregnancy, the delivery, and the placement. You are all so lucky to have found each other!!

Linder said...

Congratulations! Three girls will be so fun :) Happy for your sweet family!


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