Thursday, January 2, 2014

Starting Off the New Year

On New Year's Day, we had the privilege of seeing Rod & Jayme for the third day in a row, and had another little party.  Tammy brought Andrew and one of her YW, and our party was complete.  We ate more food, watched more football, and played more Hand & Foot.  Tammy was again cursed by the red 3s!  It was not a good couple of days for her.

The next day, Lynnie wanted her nails done.  As soon as she was sure they were dry, she said, "let's take a picture and send it to {R}!"

At lunch time, Lynnie was having her favorite foods of flour and celery, when she decided to try an experiment.  She discovered that blowing on the flour does not yield a positive result.

A project I have been putting off is organizing the cabinets over the desk in the kitchen.  I decided I was tired of having things fall on my head when I opened a door, so this became the day's project.  Ellie was really helpful and loved putting the labels on everything.  She is getting really good at typing up the words and affixing the stickers.

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