Monday, January 27, 2014

Three Girls

Can you believe there are three little girls in our family now?  I'm having a hard time believing it myself...

We are having so much fun, soaking in Cecilia and her goodness!  She is a really sweet and mellow baby.  And so gorgeous!

Good morning, sunshine.

 Lynnie rocked Cece in her bassinet.  Great job, helper!

Ellie is glued to Cece.  Every single moment.

A quick check-in at the doctor.  Our first outing as a family of 5!

This outfit was picked by Ellie.  Cece is wearing the outfit Tayler sent Ellie home from the hospital in (Ellie said she would share), the frog hat and cheetah mittens that were a gift from Lynnie's birth dad & his girlfriend, and the zebra blanket from our friend Kari. Cece was styling!

Cece's first official photo shoot with her 0 months old sticker.  She is so gorgeous!

Lynnie's first time holding Cece!

Bath time!  Cece hated every second of it.  Eliana and Lynlee loved every second of it.  They are fascinated with Cece's belly button "owie."  Lynlee especially.  She asks me every time we change Cece's diaper when it is going to fall off and if it hurts Cece.

I love taking pictures of babies in the morning.  The sunlight is perfect in our family room, and it is generally a happy time.  The girls picked out this outfit for Cece.  It was a special one I splurged on for Lynnie, but then only put on her once.

And putting it on Cece, I remember why.  It is a ridiculous thing for a floppy newborn.  It's a long-sleeved shirt (not a onesie) with snaps in the back.  Then the jumper has buttons--actual BUTTONS--on the back and snaps on the legs.  And it is out of corduroy, so there is no give.  I don't think Cece will wear it again, either.  But it sure is cute in the pictures!

Ellie is always glued to Cece.  She loves Cece's headband, that was a gift from {R}.  She was a big help in the photo shoot!

Well, lookie at those cute eyes!

Lynnie picked out the rainbow pants outfit for Cece again this morning.  We got her all gussied up with a headband and some cheetah socks, and I attempted a photo shoot after her milk.  

Cece wasn't having any of it!

But I love the few shots we got before I scooped her back up.  I bought this outfit for Ellie and it is my favorite outfit for each girl, because they are all truly my dream come true!

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