Saturday, January 18, 2014


The nursery has been "zebrafied!"  It has been fun shopping for zebra print items, and I am so impressed with how much I was able to find.  I've never shopped for zebra print before.  Who knew it was everywhere?

Ellie was a great photobomber!  She also was a big help putting the nursery together.  She insisted on putting all of the baby toys away in the new zebra print bins.

 She found the zebra blanket at Smith's.  And it was on clearance.  I am training her up young!

So many fun & new outfits.  And especially so many fun and new animal print outfits!

Ellie folded, organized, and put away all of the baby clothes in the drawers.

Lynnie is a big help also, and loves to rearrange the baby shoes.  She has decided that her job will be to get the shoes for Baby Girl every day.

Giddy up, horsey!

It feels pretty real all of a sudden.  I think we are physically ready, and have gathered everything we need to gather.  {R} is scheduled to be induced next Tuesday.

Yep, next Tuesday!!!

It is an exciting time.  And a time for reflection.  I find myself reliving the weeks leading up to Ellie's adoption and Lynnie's adoption.  Remembering our meetings with their birth moms.  Remembering (as my blogging birth mom friend K says) the "horrible beauty" of placement.  Thinking about the relationships we have with the girls' birth parents.  Have I done enough to let them know of my love for them?   There is always more I can do--what can I do to improve our relationships moving forward?  Do I let them know often enough how much we all admire and adore them?

Adoption is truly a miracle.  I am in awe that we have the opportunity to experience it again, with another amazing woman.  {T}, {M}, and {R} are my heroes!  


Sheyann said...

Great way of describing placement...horrible beauty. Prayers that everything goes safely for {R}; prayers for both sides!

k said...

If you weren't already my favorite momma, you are now! Animal print is divine! :)


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