Thursday, February 6, 2014

2 Week Check-Up

Today was Cecilia's 2 week well child check-up.

Lynnie was so excited to see the fish.  She found Dory and made up stories about how the other ones wanted to find Nemo's daddy.

Like all babies (I'm sure), Cece did not appreciate having her nap interrupted to be undressed and have the nurse measure her head.

Over 7 pounds.  Way to go, Cece!

Wrapped up like a burrito and waiting for the doctor to come see us.

Ellie didn't want to go over by Daddy to have her picture taken...

The PKU test -- not very fun.  Ellie plugged her ears and Lynnie was fascinated by what the nurse was doing.

Dr. Vargo said everything looks great!  She looked in Cece's ears and couldn't find any evidence of fluid, and said the ear drum looks fine.  Hopefully the diagnostic test tomorrow will give us more answers as to why Cece has failed the hearing screen twice.

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