Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Big Day

When we saw {R} last night, she gave Cece a whole bunch of headbands she had made.  I had set them out on the counter overnight to air out, and when Ellie woke up this morning, the first thing she did was look them over.  Then she said, "ewww, why are they so stinky?"

{R}s parent's house has a wood-burning furnace.  I thought the headbands smelled delightfully woodsy/smokey, but Ellie was not a fan.  A little Febreze, and they are perfect!

Lynnie was in heaven at Kindermusik this morning, because Miss Leda pulled out her school bus, and she got to "drive" it while we all sang The Wheels on the Bus.

After class, we made some apple whole wheat pancakes for lunch.  Ellie wanted to use her special shape maker.

After making a couple of batches of shapes, I cooked up some regular ones to use up the rest of the batter (we love to freeze and then toast them later).  But I got distracted with a crying baby.  And a few minutes later, I smelled something burning and remembered my pancakes.


Big oops!  Luckily nothing caught on fire...

Lynnie asked me to make her a wrap for her baby, so she could match me.

The weather was so nice that it felt like spring.  While Ellie was at her Kindermusik class, Lynnie, Cece, and I played at a park near Miss Leda's house.  It was so much fun!

 Lynnie especially loved playing in her castle.

The park was so much fun that after we picked up Ellie, we picked up her friend Hannah and played at another park.  It didn't last very long, though, because Lynnie needed to go potty.  Ellie tried to convince her she didn't need to go, but nature won out.

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