Sunday, February 2, 2014

Birthday Celebrations

Greg started the tradition a few years ago to send me out for a pampering day on my birthday.

It is a tradition I will not let die!

I started with a pedicure and then met Greg and all of the girls for a little lunch and shopping at Costco. This was Cecilia's first trip to Costco, and she enjoyed it all bundled up in her car seat.

After lunch, I headed to get a 90 minute massage and then went home for a dinner party.  Greg had done a great job getting the girls dressed and their hair done.

Tammy came over to play with the girls in the basement, and the party was on.  Cecilia did not last downstairs, she was quickly "stolen" and spent the party getting passed around.

After Tammy had gotten the big girls ready for bed, they came to talk to everyone for a few minutes.  Lynnie said, "Mom, take a picture of us!  Can I see them?"

"Oh, this picture is the best!"

On my actual birthday, the girls and I had a relaxing morning, full of snuggles.

I got Ellie and Lynnie ready and sent them to church with Julie and Hailey.  Greg popped home for an hour and we hung out with Cece.  After Greg went back for some meetings, I got everything ready for my birthday party (where we also happened to watch the Super Bowl on TV).

We are Bronco fans around here, so we were pretty disappointed at the game's outcome...

The best thing about our party?  Cousins.  And the little smokies.
Kyralyn & Ellie

Emily & Lynnie

During halftime, I opened the cards and a gift from the girls.  Tammy had helped them put it together the night before, and Ellie wrapped it all by herself.

Lynnie had played outside earlier and gotten "frozen" in the snow.  She had been wearing her pajamas to try and warm up, and then she decided she wanted to play in the big tub.  I took her back there and we spent an hour playing.  

Then she drank milk and watched Wonder Pets.  Greg snuggled her for a minute before getting pulled back into the game, so I got to snuggle with her.

And I fell asleep.

And missed the rest of the party.

It was a great weekend of celebrations!  Greg always spoils me.


Kristin J said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! Glad you had a great day! Your girls are all SO cute :)

Linder said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you were spoiled :) That's as it should be!


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