Saturday, February 15, 2014

Denver's Birthday Party

We were excited to go to Denver's 2nd birthday party.  Jessica put a lot of effort into creating amazing decorations!  It was fun to play with cousins and eat delicious cupcakes.

The girls wore their new outfits, and Cece wore her new outfit from Miss Kristen as well.

Lynnie loves Uncle David!  She always hangs out with him at family events.  And Uncle Daniel is always in the middle of things.

The darling birthday girl

"Mom, take a picture of us!  I am on Daddy's head and Puppy is on my head!"

With cousin Clayton

The hit of the party was after Denver opened her presents and Aunt Jessica started her new bubble machine.

We love our new party outfits!

Lynnie picked out Cece's outfit from head-to-toe.  Animal print onesie from her birth dad's girlfriend, cheetah pants from {R}, zebra shoes from Aunt Amy, and headband from our favorite blogging birth mom.

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