Friday, February 28, 2014


Ellie was helping me take pictures of Cece, but Cece was not very happy about it.  Ellie tries so hard to help Cece be happy, but sometimes Ellie will freak out and say things like, "Cece doesn't love me anymore!  All she does is cry when I hold her!"

This cute zebra outfit was a gift from Aunt Jonette, and the headband was a gift from {R}.

We had fun playing with Elizabeth, Davis, and Callie today!  It is always good to see them and catch up.

After our friends left, we packed up and headed to the Dinosaur Museum.  It was Lynnie's idea, and my first time taking the girls by myself.  Cece slept the whole time, and Ellie and Lynnie were very good and always stayed in my eye line.

While we were driving over, Lynnie asked, "when will Albert and Kanisha be there?"  I had to explain I hadn't invited them this time, and it was just us.  When we got to the museum, Lynnie took off her coat, looked around the lobby, and asked, "when is Daddy coming?"  It was so sweet that she expected the group we normally have at the museum! 

We love the Tinkering Room and spent about an hour there.  It was nice to just wander around and do what they wanted.  It wasn't too crowded, either, which was a real plus.

They loved building these shape puzzles.  We probably did this for 20 minutes.  Ellie did the turtle, of course!

The whole reason Lynnie wanted to go to the museum was to dig in the sand.  Last time, we skipped this part in order to go get some lunch.  We were excited to do the other activities, but even more excited to get here!

We walked over to the deli for dinner, and both Lynnie and Cece were ready for milk.  I pulled Cece's car seat out of the stroller so that Lynnie could lay down.  After she was done with her milk, she pretended to be a baby, and Ellie fed her dinner.  Literally put bites in her mouth.  It was adorable!  The Cheetos were her "puffs" and Ellie decided Lynnie was a big enough baby to have bites of chicken nuggets.

Cece was awake and happy, although you can't tell in this picture!

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