Monday, February 24, 2014

I Can Tell A Story

Ellie is constantly amazing me with how much she can read.  When we got her Kindergarten registration packet, there were some worksheets included that we were supposed to do together.  She got so excited to do her "homework" that she grabbed some markers and worked on the pages in the car.  She read all of the instructions and completed all of the pages, except for the one she needed to cut out shapes.

When we got home, she excitedly showed me what she had done.  My favorite was this page:

And this is her story:

"This is me and I have a sad face.  And that's Lynlee, and she has a mad face.  And see this line right here?  That's a swatch {scratch} because Lynlee swatch-ed me.  That's why I'm sad.  I don't like to be swatched."

These two are so hilarious together!  My favorite time of day is bedtime, not for any cliched reason, but because they happily go to bed with their bedtime playlist going on the iPad, and they just talk and giggle and read each other stories.  It is a golden end to our halcyon days.

A couple of nights ago, Ellie was exhausted, and Lynnie was wide awake.  Lynnie had taken a nap that day, so she was ready to go!  Greg peaked in at them, and Ellie was laying on her side, practically asleep.  Lynnie was laying on top of her, saying, "do you wanna build a snowman?  It doesn't have to be a snowman!"

We could not stop laughing at how she was acting out that scene from Frozen perfectly.

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