Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Kindergarten Registration

Seriously, how is Ellie old enough to be almost ready for Kindergarten?  The time has flown by!  The packet to fill out included some worksheets that Ellie and I were supposed to do together.  Ellie immediately read the instructions to me and got started all by herself.  She did all of the pages while we were running errands in the car, except for the page where she needed to cut out the shapes.

Ellie got invited to play at Annie's house during the time registration started at the school.  So we dropped  her off and went over without her.  The line was really long... 

Luckily my friend Stephanie was at the end of the line, and we chatted for the entire hour and a half we were waiting.  She helped me finagle the car seat and kids as well, which was an added bonus!

Lynnie explored these stairs.  She even counted them.  Loudly.  We were all laughing!

"One, two, free, seben, eight, nine, elefin, eight, nine, seventeen, nineteen, twenty!"

Lynnie drank milk while I was holding and feeding Cece.  Lynnie liked using the car seat and pretending to be a baby.

The girls did great!  I was proud of how nice and happy they were.  And the wait was worth it, since I was registration #66 and Ellie will get our first pick of morning kindergarten.

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