Thursday, February 6, 2014

Play Time

This morning, I picked up Cece to put her in the car seat so we could go to music class, and she immediately threw up all over me, while miraculously missed herself.  I took her back to my room and laid her on my bed while I got cleaned up and changed.  Then I picked her up again, and she spectacularly threw up again.  This time all over both of us!

I told Lynnie we were going to have to miss music class and she was really sad.  But Greg said, "quick, give her to me and I will get her cleaned up."  He hopped in the shower with her, we got new outfits on, and we went to class.  

And we were only 10 minutes late!  All of that throwing up wore Cecilia out, and she slept all the way through class and all the way home again.

Cecilia makes the cutest faces.

That afternoon, we had our first appointment to check with our case worker.  We pulled into the parking lot of the agency a few minutes early, and Ellie and I discussed whether we should wait in the car or go in and wait in the parking lot.  Then Lynnie said, "Mom, I'm sleepy."  I immediately turned around to tell her we were going to get right out -- and she was already asleep!

We waited out our five minutes in the car...

When Greg got there, he carried Lynnie and I held Ellie's hand and carried Cece in her car seat.  We got inside, and the receptionist went to get our case worker for us.  And we figured out that Adrienne was at our house!  We had set up the meeting and never discussed it's location.  I forgot that the first visit post-placement is in our house (so you don't have to take the baby outside).  


We ran right home and had a great visit with Adrienne!

This morning, Cece was awake and so fun, and the girls fought over holding her.  

Darling sisters!

After the extravaganza of holding Cecilia in the bassinet, I decided I better see what the weight limit on that thing is.

25 pounds.

So...we are not going to have the big girls climb in there anymore!

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