Thursday, March 20, 2014

2nd ABR

Cece had her second Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) Test and got some interesting results.

I was told when making the appointment to have her be sleep deprived so that she would sleep deeply during the test (she needs to be still to have accurate readings).  I took that to heart and kept her awake (and crying) all morning.  I sat by her in the back seat on the way to my mom's to drop off Ellie and Lynnie and kept her awake.  When we got to mom's house, I fed her and finally let her go to sleep.

But she had been so mad that I think she was way overstimulated, and she woke up when we were walking in to the hospital.  The pediatric audiologist is kind of used to that (luckily), and after an hour Cece finally fell deeply asleep.  

This audiologist was so much faster and had all of the testing done in less than an hour (it took over two and half hours of testing last time).

While we were trying to get Cece to sleep, we were able to talk with Dr. Hohler a lot and get some really good information.  She said that the results of the ABR with Dr. Baird showed that Cece was hearing between 60-75 decibels (normal conversation is at 30 decibels).

However, Cece's test results today were a little inconsistent.  Dr. Hohler said that she wasn't responding in expected ways--she startled when the phone rang and a couple of times at 50 decibels, but then had no responses other times at 100 decibels.  Dr. Hohler also showed us the wave forms and talked about how the test results usually look, and Cece's were unusual.  She said she wants to have some of her colleagues also look at the results before calling us on Tuesday with some more answers, but for now her best guess is that Cece has damage in her auditory nerve (and not her ear drums or cochlea) and may have Auditory Nueropathy.  If this is the case, then Cece is hearing just fine because her ear drums are fine, but her brain is not processing the sounds.  But Dr. Hohler is not sure yet.

The next step is to hear more from Dr. Hohler on Tuesday.  Then Cece will probably need an MRI to take a look at her auditory nerves, and then a 3rd ABR.

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