Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Good Weekend

We made our weekly trek to the library to check out 2 movies and some books.  Lynnie was so excited to find a couple of backpacks full of Elephant & Piggie books.  Never mind that we already own 4 of the 6 books--they had to check out the backpacks for the other 2 books & the stuffed animals.

Lynnie was a robot.

Lynnie loves to pick out Cece's outfits.  She picked this from head to toe.

Saturday was Grandpa & Daniel's birthday.  And seriously, how cool is it that they share a birthday?  We took over some presents and missed the birthday boys, but had fun hanging out with Grandma and Tammy.  Grandma pulled out a lot of her jewelry and the big girls happily played with it for an hour.

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