Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Basketball Tournament

We were so excited to get ready to go watch Daddy referee basketball at the state tournament.  Not only is it his last week of the season, the game was in the afternoon.

Cece was not showing her excitement, but we all felt it!  She was ready to go in an awesome outfit that was a present from {R}s sister {B}.

These two both fell asleep on the drive to the U.  That made them so happy when we got inside!  We carpooled with Uncle Paul and Aunt Tammy.  Every seat in our car was full, and that was fun, too.  Ellie especially loved having Tammy sit by her in the very back.  Because of the car seats, we can't flip the middle seat down, so Tammy had to climb in and out.  Let's just say that it is a really good thing that she is so limber.

Walking in, Ellie insisted on pulling Daddy's suitcase.

Ellie took a few minutes to adjust to the noise level in the arena.  

I jokingly texted {R} that it was probably a good thing that Cece has hearing loss, because she slept right through the commotion.  {R} replied, "yah, the upside of hearing loss!"

Once Cece woke up, Tammy took over and played with her the rest of the time.  I was stuck again with how little Cece is!

The big girls were entertained with the snacks that Tammy bought and the princess and Doc McStuffins toys we have in the diaper bag.

After a fun-filled afternoon, Ellie had to pull Greg's suitcase again. 

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