Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Birth Mom Day

We are getting so spoiled, being able to see Tayler & Piper every Wednesday.  We are going to have to come up with something else to do when Kindermusik is over, because we love to see them every week!

Today in class, Lynnie thought she was so funny when she put her drum on her head.  It was pretty cute.

We are at class while Ellie is at preschool, and then we race home to meet Ellie.  Tayler & Piper come over for lunch and hang out for a while, before Ellie goes to her class.  Today was pretty typical in the amount of activities Ellie can squeeze into the hour we are all together.  She asked Tayler to cut up her pancakes, and... a puzzle together, and... very seriously about many topics, and...

...have lots of loves and snuggles, and... a story, and... with the babies.

Tayler and Piper always graciously take Ellie to her music class on their way home.  Today when they left, Lynnie and Cece and I loaded up in our car and went to meet {R} at {B}s house.  We talked and ate and talked some more.  Lynnie showed off her new "zebra" dress (that she insisted on wearing for {R} to see).

I slipped out to pick up Ellie when her class was done, and she & Lynnie had a lot of fun playing with their new cousins.

I love watching our birth moms love on our daughters.  Their bond is so precious and so sweet!

{B} is the consummate hostess and even provided Lynnie with some flour and a toothpick.  Lynnie used the toothpick for a while, but then just started licking the flour right out of the bowl.

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