Friday, March 21, 2014

Cecilia is 2 Months Old

Cece was not very excited about her photo shoot with her 2 month sticker.  I did get a couple of darling shots.

But the rest of the shots (albeit also darling!) looked like this:

classic Cece pouty lip

Lynnie tried to come and help...

At 2 months of age, Cece:

~ is wearing size 1 diapers, 0-3 month clothes, and newborn shoes
~ is getting more aware and likes to play on her activity mat and make herself bounce in her bouncer
~ loves the water and taking showers & baths
~ is starting to smile and have "conversations" with us
~ is getting less fussy and has less prolonged periods of crying
~ loves to suck on her hands
~ likes to stand
~ loves to watch ceiling fans on the lowest speed
~ is so sweet and an integral part of our family.  It is already hard to remember life before Cece!  We are so grateful for {R} and adoption and the miracles it brings to our family.

1 comment:

Linder said...

She is darling, even the sad faces :) Our Soren was a tough one, especially after his big brother was so easy. I hope she is letting you sleep and you are getting some time out too. So fun to see your little family grow!


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