Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dentist & Doctor Appointments

I thought I was pretty smart, setting up dentist appointments for Ellie and Lynlee back to back with Cecilia's 2 month well-child check.  Until it took much longer than last time at the dentist, and I abandoned Greg and the big girls to run Cece over to the doctor.  And good thing I had that option!

It is so fun to watch the girls' personalities in the appointment.  Ellie is pretty chill and social, talking to everyone and doing everything she is asked without a problem. 

Lynnie and I talked a lot in the days before the appointment about being brave, and I was really proud of how well she did.  She gripped Puppy and the armrest pretty tightly, but she stayed in her chair and did everything she was asked.  She just had the most long-suffering face the whole time.

Lynnie had turned 3 since last time, so she was big enough for x-rays.  She didn't like it much.  But she did it!

Waiting for the dentist.  And waiting.  And waiting some more.

Even watching Frozen wasn't enough to make her totally happy.

When there was 2 minutes until Cece's appointment, I grabbed her and went across the street to the pediatrician. It is definitely harder to take pictures being at the appointment by myself.  I managed to get the classic weight picture and a couple of selfies

After we were done talking with Dr Vargo, and Cece was proclaimed to be in perfect health, Greg and the big girls got there.  Just in time to take pictures of Cece getting her vaccinations.

We got in the car to go home, and Ellie said, "can we go play at the park?"  Of course!  The weather was perfect and Wines Park has a new set of equipment that they have been wanting to try out.  Cece slept off her shots, Lynnie spent most of her time pushing Puppy in the swing, and Ellie made friends and ran all over.

Lynnie said "back and forth" on the swings for a solid 10 minutes :)

 Lynnie was the first one to master this coil-thing. After watching Lynnie a few times, Ellie was ready to give it a try.


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