Sunday, March 16, 2014

Good Times

We went visiting teaching Friday morning and had a great time (like always).  After we had some lunch, Ellie started running frantically around the house looking for Lambie.  A thorough search yielded no Lambie, but a quick text found her left at the Bishop's house.  The weather was so nice we decided to walk over and retrieve her.  The Gooches are almost our backyard neighbor, but they live at the top of a cul-de-sac so it is a two block walk.  We decided to go up our street and cut through their backyard to save some time.  But I didn't know the weeds would be so onerous.  After we tramped single file through the weeds, Lynnie proudly declared, "I did it!  That's the first time I ever did something like that!"  Ellie quietly took off her shoes and pulled out all of the stickers from the bottom of her nightgown.

Random trivia:  the plural of a cul-de-sac is  culs-de-sac

On the way home, we decided against the pleasure of tromping through the weeds again and just went around.  

We pretended to be baby ducks following the mama duck.  I started out as the mama duck but Ellie quickly took over.

Lynnie loves to use Cece's headbands on Puppy.  This one was so fluffy that she thought it looked like a tutu.

We tried out Cece in the Bumbo for the second time ever, and she held herself up for about 15 seconds.

And then she was done.

 Ellie did a great job of copying Pigeon, from the Mo Willems book Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus!

Lynnie was playing her "flute" and I don't think Cece appreciated it much...

Looking snazzy and ready for church!

Kylene and Tammy came over after church today.  Ky is headed back to SUU now that Spring Break is over.

Cece is really starting to grip things.  It's fun to watch her grow and develop.

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