Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sedated MRI

Cecilia's diagnosis is bilateral Auditory Neuropathy Spectrum Disorder (ANSD).  Some individuals with this diagnosis have damaged auditory nerves, so the ENT ordered an MRI for Cece to take a look at her nerves.  The scheduler called me on Wednesday afternoon and said it had to be done on Thursday in order to get results to Dr Park before our already scheduled appointment next Tuesday.


Luckily, Primary Children's had an opening at the Riverton location, and Greg's dad could play with the big girls.  The charge nurse I spoke with to get all of the instructions said, depending on how Cece did with the sedation, we could plan on being at the hospital upwards of 4 hours.

Cece needed to be fasting for the sedation, so her last milk was at 4:45 a.m.  Then she drank sugar water until 9:30, when we cut off all liquids.  She did pretty well overall, I was pleased with that.

We dropped off the big girls and headed to the hospital.  Greg kept Cece entertained while I got us all checked in.

The other fun instruction was that Cece could have no metal on her clothes, so no snaps or zippers.  My first thought was "have these people seen baby clothes?" but it was really no big deal.  We had a lot more metal-free clothes than I first realized!

After we were checked in, we waited for a couple of minutes in the waiting room and then were taken to the pre-sedation room.

Cutest pouty lip ever!

First up was monitoring Cece's vitals.

We had plenty of time for lots of loves and pictures.

Cece loves to stand!

The hardest part of the day for me was watching the nurses put an IV in Cece.  The nurses were quick, efficient, and competent.  And Cece cried the whole time...

After the IV was in, the nurse took us back to the MRI room.  And I realized, of course there can be no metal anywhere.  The MRI is a giant magnet!

The nurse gave Cece the sedation through her IV and she was asleep in minutes.  She looked so tiny in that giant machine!

Once Cece was fully asleep and all hooked up, it was time for us to leave.

A short 40 minutes later, and Cece was all done!  We had been waiting in the recovery room, and they brought Cece right to us.  After a quick check of her vitals, I was able to hold her and start giving her sugar water.

Cece was a hungry girl!  She drank 5 ounces of sugar water and then almost 3 ounces of formula.  I didn't know her stomach could hold that much.

After about an hour, Greg was ready for a turn.  He worked hard on waking Cece up, since we couldn't leave until she was kind of mostly awake.

We left the hospital after only 3 hours, and went to Greg's parents to pick up the big girls.  Then we did a quick trip to Costco before going home.  Greg headed off to meetings, and my new BFF Brittany brought us some treats.

While we were at Costco, Dr Park's nurse called to say that he had reviewed the MRI and everything looked normal and good.  Great news!

What a silly face!

 When all of the hullabaloo was over, Cece slept soundly!  She woke up often to eat.  It was like she had to make up for her 10 hours of fasting.

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