Saturday, April 26, 2014

A Good Day

Cece and Ellie wave good morning!

We were excited to go to Sienna's birthday party.  Cece stayed home with Greg, who had some talks to work on for Sunday meetings.  I was hoping to be able to drop off the girls and go back home, but somehow knew that wouldn't happen.

And it didn't.

Lynnie needed some extra assurance (it was a big party!) and I had fun hanging out with them.

The best part of the carnival themed party?  The face painter!  She had two photo books with ideas to look through, and Ellie picked a star.

Lynnie wanted a rainbow.  The face painter put the paint on a sponge and just swiped it over each cheek, and Lynnie was pretty much done!  That was a fun technique.

Lynnie can always entertain herself by taking selfies.

This picture pretty much sums up the party for me.  Lynnie and I were at one end of the room, just doing our thing, while the party was happening everywhere else.  I love that Lynnie likes to observe and get comfortable before she dives in.

Ellie was in the thick of the action the whole time.  I love that she is a social butterfly and loves to be with people.

Lynnie did get excited to take a turn with the pinata.

After she hit at the pinata, she went right back over to hang out with Haddie and Kylee.

After we got home, Ellie showed off how talented she is by taking a selfie and posting it to my Instagram account.  While I was feeding Cece.  Without my knowing about it ahead of time.  That's impressive!

After our first fabulous birthday party, we got to go to another fabulous birthday party.  Parker turned 12!

Tammy monopolized Cece, and Cece loved every second of it.

"Daddy, can I sit on your head?"

Tammy tried to get Lynnie to give her a kiss, but Lynnie was having none of it!

Story time at the end of a fun day = the best thing ever.


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