Wednesday, April 9, 2014

All Dressed Up

We had a birthday party tonight for one of Greg's referee friends.  It is his 40th birthday, so his wife asked everyone to wear black.  When I told Ellie that in the morning, she immediately picked out her black outfit, and anxiously awaited the party all day.

Lynnie chose her "party dress" because it has black in it.  And I picked an outfit for Cece in a 3-6 month size that was a present from Aunt Jonette.  It was a little big, but not as big as I thought it would be!  Her headband was also a little loose, but matched perfectly--and it was a present from Kari.

I had to line up the cuties for a some pictures before we left.  Tammy had a great photo bomb!

Greg and Tammy got some great smiles from the girls!

Greg was telling them to roll their tongues.

I love that Cece has grabbed on to her shirt. 

And this is the cheesiness I get when I ask the girls to look right at the camera and smile.  Awesome...

We met at a yummy Mexican restaurant for the party.  Ellie took a picture of Cece and I so I could text it to Jonette and {R}.

One of Matt's presents was this goofy "over the hill" inflatable walker.  The girls and their new friend loved playing with it.

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