Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Kisses, Kindermusik, and Naptime

Cece is not the biggest fan of sitting.  She prefers to snuggle in, or stand up.  When I try and prop her in the side of the couch, she will wiggle and push on her legs until she falls over.  (Kind of a safety hazard, so I don't do that.)  She much prefers her bouncer to her Bumbo.

But today she happily sat in her Bumbo for over five minutes while we were eating lunch.  It probably helped to have her sisters giving her kisses!

Today was the last day of Kindermusik this spring.  Lynnie loves to dance with the ribbons.  Today she made a hat.

Today is also the end of an era.  It is Ellie's last day at Kindermusik!  We started in the mom and me class when she was 17 months old.  We love Miss Leda and all that she has taught us.

We have had quite a few late nights lately, and I wanted Lynnie to be well-rested so that she would have a chance to be happy at the dance recital dress rehearsal.  We dropped off Ellie at her Kindermusik class and Operation Naptime commenced.  Lynnie handed me her glasses, drank some milk, and then obediently shut her eyes.  I think she was asleep within 2 minutes.  I drove around until it was time to pick Ellie up and then we headed home.  I was able to get Lynnie inside and situated on the brown chair, where she slept for another 2 hours.

I call Operation Naptime a resounding success!

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