Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Double Stroller

I figured Cece was big enough to try out sitting in the stroller.  Ellie was excited that she was big enough to ride her scooter the whole way.

I have this converter/pillow contraption that works great at supporting the baby.  Cece did awesome in the stroller!  It was a gorgeous day.

Photo credit:  Ellie

There's a "pit" in our neighborhood--a grassy area to collect potential water run-off.  We spent quite a while playing there.  Ellie rolled down the hill and ran around.  Lynnie thought about rolling, and talked about rolling, and laid down so she could roll, and then said she saw a bug and got up.  She did run around for a while.  I got Cece out and we sat on the grass and watched them laugh and play.

After our walk, Ellie wanted to play with Alanna.  She had stripped down when we got home because her pants got muddy from rolling down the hill, and she put back on a dress with two sets of leg warmers.  I loved that she put a set on her arms.

And I just wanted to show a closer look at Lynnie's crown.  Isn't she a beautiful princess?

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