Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt

We love that Todd and Rachel host some big events every year.  The Easter Egg Hunt was a resounding success!

Talking about pruning trees is a very serious business.

Cassie was in charge of the hunt this year, and I could tell she took her job very seriously.  She organized the dying eggs station and marshaled the big kids when it came time to hide all of the eggs.

While the big kids were hiding eggs outside, the little ones were decorating cupcakes inside.  That was a great idea, Aunt Rachel!

It's time to come out now!  In age order of youngest to oldest.  Lynnie, Emily, and Ellie were up first.

Thanks for having an egg on your car seat, Cece.  And thanks for sleeping so soundly that Mom didn't take a single picture of you...

Fixing an egg that broke open on the grass.

Those tall nephews found some great hiding spots.

Uh oh, the egg fell down!

OK, Dan, let's get all of the kids together for a picture.

Let me see your grumpy faces.

And your happy faces!

And your silly faces.

Checking out the loot.

Ellie found one of the six hard-boiled eggs, so she got to pick a special prize.  She passed up a 12 pack of Sprite for a small bag of M&Ms.  Good job, sister!

Ellie said the favorite egg that she found was a monkey that we brought with us.  So glad she could find it and bring it home again.

Totally epic moment.  They were saying the prayer on the food, and these darling children had their arms folded and eyes closed.  While they were jumping and walking all over the trampoline.

Just keeping it real, Uncle David.  Nice expressions in the background!

How many eggs did you get, Ellie?


I was really proud of Lynnie for eating her hot dog by all of the big kids.

And then she wanted to eat hot dog #2 on the steps.  "Daddy, will you sit by me?"

Ellie was very seriously telling Aunt Rachel something here.

What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon!

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