Sunday, April 20, 2014


I picked up Easter dresses at Costco a couple of months ago, and we have anxiously been waiting to wear them.  I love having matching girls!

Daddy's meetings didn't start until 10, so we were able to take some pictures with him before he left.  Ellie is pretending she is Queen Elsa and is standing very regally. 

Once Cece was awake and dressed, I attempted to take a picture of the girls in their cuteness.  This is as good as it got!

I love kind friends.  I got Cece a 12 month sized dress, knowing that the girls will be wearing these dresses all summer and she would need room to grow.

It is way to big.

And slippery material.

She was pretty upset with her dress, and I spent a good chunk of Sacrament Meeting standing in the back with her.

After I got her diaper changed during Sunday School, I came out and saw my neighbor Charmay with her baby girl in the hallway, and Lily was wearing the same dress.  As we got chatting, Charmay said that Lily's dress was too small for her (6 month size on her 8 month old baby) and I of course said that Cece's was too big.

So we swapped dresses.  Right there in the hallway.

And I'm totally getting the better end of this deal because Charmay said she will give me back the big one in a few months.

Cece was much happier in a dress that fit her correctly!

After church, we got home and got cooking for Easter dinner.  Mom, Bobi, Brian, Lyssa, Jon, Gwen, and Amy came to celebrate with us.

Lynnie snuggled up with Brian and almost fell asleep.  Until I woke her up.

After dinner there was a Frozen extravaganza in the basement.

Cece loves to chew on her blankets and burp cloths and fists.

Grandma made a bunny cake and gooey butter for dessert.  Yum!

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