Friday, April 25, 2014

Field Trip

Ellie has been really looking forward to taking a field trip to the pond with her preschool class.  Last night she excitedly told me about all of the things she was going to do.  Miss Traci obviously prepped them well!

First up was feeding the ducks.  Ellie was reluctant because she had to *gasp* touch bread.  Actual bread!

But she did it.

Lynnie was a little nervous and elected to stay at the top of the hill by a sleeping Cecilia.

Next we walked around to the other side of the pond.  Ellie's legs are a little tender from her shots yesterday, and she affected a funny little limp at this point.

Some of the girls needed to use the potty, so we headed back around.  Lynnie was a big help in pushing Cece.

Lynnie was excited to eat a piece of bread.  She never did feed any to the ducks...

We saw a duck fight.  It looked like one male duck was keeping another male duck away from all of the bread.  Duck #2 chased Duck #1 out of there.

Last stop was at the playground.  Cece was totally chilling in her stroller.

Lynnie was pretty proud of herself for climbing the rock wall.  She did it a bunch of times.

Ellie and her friends made a cherry pie.  And then an apple pie.

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