Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fixing the Couch

Bobi, Brian, Lyssa, and Amy came to our house for dinner Thursday night, to hang out some more with Pops before he went back to Minneapolis.  Our couch has been broken for a couple of months, and Greg asked Brian (a furniture repair EXPERT!) about it.  Brian had his tools in his car, and spent the next hour completely fixing our couch.  It pays to know the right people!

I swear I took a gazillion pictures, but I only have a few.  It was fascinating to watch Brian just pull the back off of the couch, find the broken wood supports, screw them back in, reinforce it, clean it up, put on a new staple/tack strip thingie, and hammer it back in.

And Brian went above and beyond.  He flipped the couch around to get everything put back together and heard lots of clunking.  So he opened up the bottom and found...  

...lots of treasures.  I've been looking for that watch for months!

Ah, now we can sit on the couch without a pillow acting as a cushion.  Thanks, Brian!

And thanks to Bobi for putting Lynnie to sleep.  Or trying to, anyway!

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