Thursday, April 24, 2014

Good Times

I love that the big girls cannot get enough of baby sister!  So awesome to see all of the snuggles and loving that happens around here.

We had some friends playing at our house, and we had a Frozen extravaganza.  Even Miles knew all of the words to all of the songs.  Pretty awesome!

Ellie was scheduled for her kindergarten check-up and shots at 3:30 p.m.  She was pretty nervous about it and I knew we needed a distraction.  So I made a last minute decision to take the girls to the Dinosaur Museum.  We saw so many people we know--friends from Kindermusik, friends from dance class, neighbors, ward members, former ward members.  It was a good time!

We started out in the Tinkering Room and there was only one little boy and his dad in there with us.  Until 3 preschool groups came in at the same time, with about 100 children.  We moved out and tried to stay ahead of them but they were quick and didn't stay in any area very long.

What a happy girl!  She loves to hold on to toys now.

building a castle

We found some great side nooks that we have never explored before (in our effort to let the big groups move on past on us).  Lynnie was pretending to dig Ellie out of the dirt.

We played in this little spot for about 20 minutes.

Then it was time to head home and get ready for the doctor's appointment.  Daddy came home from work and took Ellie as a special date.  He texted me a couple of pictures and some updates, and Ellie did awesome!  He said the nurses were all in love with how serious and sincere she is about things.  She can tell a story like no one else!

She is perfectly healthy and passed all of the tests with flying colors!  And Ellie is mostly excited about the fact that she doesn't have to get shots again until she is 12...

Weight: 35 pounds ~ 28th percentile
Height: 41 inches ~ 36th percentile
Vision: 20/30
Blood Pressure: 80/60

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