Monday, April 21, 2014

Grandma & Amy

When Amy is in town, I like to get in as much time with her as she allows.  We were set to go to lunch as soon as Ellie got home from preschool.  While we were waiting for Ellie, Lynnie entertained herself very well.

Lunch was great, and very...leisurely.  Our server forgot to order our food.  And then when she discovered the mistake and got it ordered, she ordered the wrong things.  Good thing I always order the girls food to come out first.  They kept us entertained while we waited for our food and then ate our food.

After lunch we headed back to Grandma's house for a while so I could feed Cece and we could hang out.  Amy took the big girls out to the swings and they loved it.

It was too windy for Cece, so Grandma held her inside while we played.

I got to see the girls in action on Grandma's wiggle cars.  It was really fun to watch them!

As we were getting ready that morning, I struggled to brush Lynnie's hair (after spraying on our usual assortment of water, conditioner, and detangler).  Lynnie asked, "can I get my hair cut?"  You betcha!  She wanted it to be short, but not too short, and decided on shoulder length.  Here's the before picture, with Lynnie showing me the length she wants it.

After leaving Grandma's house, we drove straight to Great Clips.  Amy had treated us for lunch, so I didn't realize til we were all out of the car and in the salon that I had left my wallet at home that day.  Back in the car to go home and retrieve it.  Lynnie barely--and I mean barely--stayed awake on the drive back.  It is a testament to how much she wanted her hair cut!  She valiantly did everything I asked (like wiggling her fingers and pinching her arms) and managed to keep herself awake.

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