Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Grandma Great's Funeral

We were excited to get ready to spend the day with our family again at the funeral, to honor Grandma Great and her life.

First up was another viewing.  Lyssa loved holding Cece.

 Aunt Robyn was kind enough to hold Ellie's babies.

Aunt Amy would hold Cece til her arms got tired, give someone else a turn, and then take Cece right back.

Chatting with Uncle Steve.  

Then it was time for the service.  I was excited to hear some stories about Grandma that were new to me!  One favorite was shared by Grandma's brother Stanley.  Uncle Stan told us that when they were children, they did not have electricity in Burton, Idaho.  Their dad was trying to start a co-op so that the electrical company in Ashton would run the lines to their town.    He was talking with a farmer one day who had put down a deposit but was thinking about backing out.  After a long time of talking while the family was waiting in the car, Grandma stuck her head out of the window and said, "oh, give the old coot his money back and let him stay in the dark!"  Another fun story was shared by my cousin Bryce.  He was talking with Grandma after Grandpa retired (well into his 80s).  Bryce asked Grandma how things were going, and she said, "oh, fine.  We used to do things my way.  And now we do things his way.  And his way is ok, too."

After the service, we headed to the cemetery for the dedication of the grave.

After the dedicatory prayer offered by Uncle Steve, we mingled and chatted for a few minutes.

Then we quickly took some pictures with Pops before he left to run errands.

After Russ took a few pictures, Bobi remembered that she had brought Flat Adam, so she quickly retrieved him from the car.  With Adam represented, we were only missing Amber, Travis, and Sarah (Jon's older children that live with their mother).

Greg, Heather, Pops, Cecilia, Lynlee, and Eliana

Robyn, Pops, and Amy

Gwen, Pops, Jon, and Teri

Flat Adam, Lyssa, Pops, Bobi, and Brian

Cousins--Nikki and Caitlin
Ellie was very excited to learn that Caitlin's whole name is Caitlin Taylor--which is the opposite of her favorite person in the whole world (Tayler Caitlin).

Cousins -- Rob, Rex, Julie, Janice, and Ryan

Uncle Stan and Aunt Mary Jane

Crystal and Freddy
Crystal lived in Grandma's basement

Robyn and Kim
they have been friends since childhood

Aunt Phyllis and Mom

Then it was back to the church for the funeral luncheon.  It was a delicious lunch, with none of the traditional Mormon funeral dishes!  There were no funeral potatoes in sight.

Robyn brought darling shoes for the girls from Kyrgyzstan (and one pair for Cece from China).  She told Ellie and Lynnie that they were magic slippers, and any time they wore them, someone had to tell them a story.

Ellie loved playing peek-a-boo with Donovan.

Ellie was hilarious.  She was talking and saying things like, "Hi!  I'm Flat Adam.  How are you today?" She was trying to speak in a deep voice and it came out pretty funny.

Love this picture of Mom and her sisters.

Amy had the idea of them recreating the picture, but Aunt Chris didn't want to sit down.  It turned out great this way, too!

More pictures from the viewing and funeral may be viewed here.

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