Friday, April 18, 2014

Miscellaneous Pictures From Our Week

What a big helper!  Lynnie was so excited to try and feed Cece all by herself.  It lasted for about half an ounce.

We were shopping at Walmart in the afternoon, and Lynnie was sitting on the diaper bag. Her eyes started closing and her head was bobbing, so we found a little spot for her to lay down.  It doesn't look that comfortable to me, but she slept like that for almost an hour!

The girls like to pretend to get married-which usually means they dance together.  Ellie was Dumbo and Lynnie was Flower Bow Daisy Rose Pretty.

  Watching Bible Videos on the Mormon Channel for Family Home Evening.

And then the activity was to swim in the hot tub.  Super exciting!

I found darling zebra dresses at Walmart, and got one for each girl.  The whole family is getting zebrafied!

 This darling outfit was a present from my visiting teacher, Dawnie.  Cece loves to chew on her fists.

Kylene and Tobyn wanted to come over and bring the girls Easter baskets.  Ellie got the great idea to put on make-up so that she "would look pretty for Ky!"  Lynnie wanted in on that, of course!

 Kylene and Tobyn wanted to come over and bring the girls Easter baskets.  Ky has the most beautiful complexion, and this time I think she was darker than Cece.  When I told her that, she said that was her goal ;)
love the faces I captured here!
 Tobyn sure is fun to play with.

After Ky & Tobyn left, I got Cece ready to go on a date with me and Greg (my mom was coming to watch the big girls).  She looked styling in this outfit (a present from {B}).  But she kind of hated the hat.  The hat didn't last.

When my mom got to our house, she offered to keep insisted on Cece staying as well.  It was fun to be with just Greg and the couple we were meeting for dinner, but I missed my baby!

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