Sunday, May 11, 2014

Birth Mother's Day & Mother's Day

This is such a great weekend!  I love celebrating Birth Mother's Day and Mother's Day.  We spent Saturday morning doing some projects for our birth moms and sending them extra love.

Ellie drew this picture for Tayler.  It says "Mother's Day" with a picture of Tayler, two hearts, a "T" and an "E."

 Lynnie picked blue paint for her handprint, since she knows that blue is {M}s favorite color.

On Mother's Day, I was thinking a lot about my first one as a mother.  Ellie was 9 months old and I had the calling as a Relief Society instructor and was scheduled to teach that day.  Greg had asked me a few days earlier what I wanted as a present, and I facetiously said that I wanted him to teach for me so I could just hold Ellie all day.  He said OK.  And he totally taught for me.

Mother's Day keeps on getting more fun, especially as the girls get older and are starting to get really excited about holidays and making things special.

The best part of Mother's Day now?  Having Greg home on a Sunday morning.  (It happens 3 times a year -- Mother's Day and General Conference.)

Lynnie was not very excited about taking pictures.  She is wearing her gloves so that she won't freeze anyone with her powers.

These amazing girls, that I'm so in love with, are in my life because they were first loved by their amazing birth mothers. I can never find the words to express how honored I am to be on this journey together!

After church and dinner, we finally remembered to open presents. 

I love that Ellie wrote the card from the girls by herself. And I love how she spelled Cece's name!

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